The top 10 biologists who have changed the world

Biochemical Society

The Society of Biology is on the hunt to determine the top 10 biologists who have changed the world.

They’ve gone through scientists with commemorative plaques, historically recognised greats of the past, and sought nominations from the public to produce a list of 40 of these individuals with links to the UK. They are now after your help to find the top 10 by voting in their poll.

The choice is from an impressive list of who’s who in the world of biology and with a healthy dose of biochemists included, we imagine those in our network will have difficulty choosing.

One choice, Sir Alec Jeffreys, is undoubtedly someone who has had a major impact on the world. His discovery of variation in human DNA and development of techniques for DNA fingerprinting revolutionized the way police fight crime, and helped resolve paternity disputes and unite immigrant families.

Dorothy Hodgkin,

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