A quick update

As summer draws closer, and the celebrations begin, deep in the heart of the biology building of York University, a dedicated group of students can be found, each day glued to their laptops. Our project is now in full swing.


Heavy metals and toxic pollutants have long been, and continue to be recognised as a serious problem in our environment. It’s not surprising therefore, that research in this area is already abundant. We have some great jumping off points for our project and we’re getting pretty close to deciding the details of our project, ready for the summer lab work to begin!

One of the strengths of the iGEM is that it encourages cooperation and team work. Our projects are so much more important than just the competition and the way iGEM works means that working together for greater results is rewarded. We’ve been looking at some fantastic projects from previous years which we may work to build on. All will be revealed…


Bioline are very kindly sponsoring us. A big thank you to them.

Sponsorship is very difficult, particularly for small projects such as our. Any help to get us one more step forward is always wonderful as talk has begun on getting our finished project to the international jamboree at MIT in Boston. The trip is expensive, but well worth it to get to present to a whole host of teams and companies from around the world!


We are excited to be sending team members down to a meetup with teams in Oxford later this week. Watch this space to see how it goes…


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